Become A Pilot

Becoming a pilot is both a challenging and rewarding endeavor that takes less time and money than you may think. Learning is done at your pace and when it’s convenient for you. Our flight instructors are highly trained professionals, certified by the FAA to work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your dream to fly.


The Private Pilot License is a minimum of 40 hours of flight time per the Federal Aviation Administration.   Training consists of learning aircraft control, communications, takeoff and landing, navigating airspace and flying to airports away from the home airport.  Most of the flying is done with the instructor on board while some is solo time.


Torrance Airport

The smart choice.

  • Minutes to the  Practice Area: Torrance is located just minutes flight away from the practice area, so the student minimizes their time (and cost) flying to/from the practice area for instruction.

  • Two Runways: Never spend more than a few minutes waiting for takeoff or landing clearances (less waiting = money saved)! If one runway is busy use the other one!

  • Airspace: Just a few miles South of LAX, flying from Torrance means that you will experience some of the most congested airspace in the country. Don’t let this scare you though. If you learn to fly here, YOU CAN FLY ANYWHERE!

  • Friendly Airport Attitude: Being at an airport that is almost entirely General Aviation (GA) means a friendlier attitude towards pilots and students learning to fly!

  • Sightseeing: Flying from Torrance you’ll never be disappointed by the views and the sights you get to see. Flying over the top of LAX or downtown, sightseeing over the Queen Mary in the LA Harbor, and scouting for Blue Whales in the Pacific all mean that you will fall in love every time you take to the skies!

After your Private License continue your training with us!

  • Instrument Rating

  • Commercial Pilots License

  • ATP

  • CFI

  • CFII

  • MEI